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Emotions in Sweden

The way Scandinavians express feelings is subtle.

Swedes refrain from showing negative feelings:



Or any type of aggressiveness.

Positive feelings you may express, but keep it subtle.

Be excited without body movement.

Be happy in silence.

Swedish Emotions by Julien S Bourrelle

Except when watching ice hockey or drinking

Then it is acceptable to show feelings.

Welcome to Sweden!

Swedish Emotions by Julien S Bourrelle

Unless you come from Finland,

Swedish emotional feedback will be challenging to interpret.

Everyone sees the world through their own cultural glasses.

We interpret actions based on what it means in our own culture.

When interacting with different cultures, we often need to make a conscious effort in order not to misinterpret what is being communicated.

In my books, I show how Swedish behaviours may be perceived and misinterpreted. Something that is very useful for Swedes to know but not easy to see.

My books also help foreigners understand better the Swedish culture.


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