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The Swedes and Working with Swedes explains the Swedish culture using our well-known series of simple illustrations explain cultures.


If you are Swedish, this book will provide you with an outsider’s view of how common behaviours and norms in Sweden may be misinterpreted by foreigners. It will help you be better at interacting, sosializing and collaborating with other cultures.


If you are a foreigner, this book is a useful tool to understand the Swedish culture and socialise with Swedes. It is your social guidebook to Sweden.


The best way to understand a new culture is when locals explain the local social expectations and unwritten social rules. This is exactly what this book does, with humour.


The Swedes is part of our Swedish Toolkit

The Swedes

  • Soft cover, 192 pages, 100 colour illustrations, 2nd Edition (2018)

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