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In Sweden, we stick to plans.

Your Swedish colleagues may join activities together with you after work

but these usually need to be planned in advance.

Swedes rarely do spontaneous afterwork activities.

They plan their schedule in advance.

Often the whole week is planned with different activities and events every day after work.

And if something is planned, Swedes will stick to it.

Even if there is a more interesting activity or invitation arising.

If Swedes have planned to do something and gave their words,

it will most probably be more important to stick to their plan then accept a new invitation.

This has to do with the understanding of trust in Scandinavia.

Trust has a lot to do with doing as you said you would.

In my lectures, I talk about the importance of foreseeability and consistency in trust-building.

When you plan something, when you decide on something, when you agree on something; you stick to it.

This is also the reason why Swedes will follow the established rules in society,

even if sometimes they may not always quite make sense for an outsider.

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