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Equality in Scandinavia

"Equality is not about equality of opportunity, it is about equality of results."

Along the way, those who struggle will get more resources from the state

so that, at the end of the day, everyone be "equal".

This understanding of equality influences many aspects of the Scandinavian societies:

- the education system

- the tax system

- the welfare system

- the unions

- the work environment

- the way promotions and public acknowledgement is given

- the way public funds are allocated, etc.

In theory, this system ensures an enjoyable place to flourish, where everyone is more or less equal. However, it may easily be misused and taken advantage of.

When you are struggling, the society will help you.

When you are succeeding, you will be asked to help those who are struggling,

rather than being pushed further so that you can reach your full potential.

This is the reality in which Scandinavian children are raised.

It influences the way people interact for life,

and creates the basis for the Scandinavian egalitarian society.

Equality is understood differently in different cultures. I explain the implication of how a society understands equality in my lectures and courses. How it influences social status, motivation, collaboration, competition, decision making, etc.

You can also watch my TEDx for free online where I discuss some aspects of equality or read our books to learn more.


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